About us

Institute of Philosophy of the CAS

The Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences is a research workplace of a non-university type, the main aim of which is to contribute to the advancement of global research in the area of philosophy and related scientific fields. 

In addition to efforts to develop knowledge on the international level within basic research, employees of the Institute of Philosophy also take into consideration the cultural needs of contemporary Czech society. Their tasks include, for instance, the reception of the results of global philosophical research in the Czech milieu so that philosophy and the related humanities in the Czech Republic continued to maintain contact with European and world science and helped actively to shape it. Through their work, the researchers of the Institute of Philosophy also strengthen the awareness of the national identity using critical investigation of the history of the Czech lands and Central European space with a view to the historical contribution of important thinkers active here. The basic research results of the employees of the Institute of Philosophy are regularly published professional books, monographs and scientific articles, many of which are published abroad, organized scientific conferences, colloquia or lectures. The website of the Institute of Philosophy can be found at the address www.flu.cas.cz. 

Filosofia Publishing House

Since its foundation in 1990, the Institute of Philosophy has developed independent publishing activity in its own Filosofia Publishing House, which provides not only an open publication platform for original scientific work from the area of philosophy and related humanities disciplines but also provides Czech translations of important global works from these fields. Over 450 titles have been issued so far, to which over 20 more quality works not only from the area of philosophy are added each year.

The principal publishing series of the publishing house include the series Studie a prameny k dějinám myšlení v českých zemích (Studies and Sources on the History of Thought of the Czech Lands), Filosofie a sociální vědy (Philosophy and the Social Sciences), Dnešní svět (Today’s World) or Základní filosofické texty (Essential Philosophical Texts). You can find the website of the publishing house at the address filosofia.flu.cas.cz.

OIKOYMENH Publishing House

OIKOYMENH was created in the 1970s at the stimulus of Ladislav Hejdánek as a samizdat book edition. Its purpose was to contribute to the renewal of the spiritual life, which was devastated in the long term in Czechoslovakia by the influence of the given political relations. After 1989, OIKOYMENH, founded by Ladislav Hejdánek, Jakub S. Trojan and Aleš Havlíček, appeared first as a component of the Institute for Central European Culture and Politics, later as an independent civic association (and since 2016 as a registered society), in the free cultural space with the programme to issue classical philosophical and theological works as well as significant works from the areas of social and natural sciences.

The success of the publication activity of OIKOYMENH for long years depended on the personal engagement and organizational abilities of Aleš Havlíček. After his sudden passing in July, 2015, it was necessary to seek possibilities how to continue in publication activities despite the worsening situation on the book market. For that reason, the new publication section OIKOYMENH was formed at the Institute of Philosophy, which endeavours to build on the publication activity up to now of the OIKOYMENH society with the use of its experience and rich circle of co-workers and which it shares the common publication series with the independent society. Since 2017, part of the production within the already established publication series of OIKOYMENH has been issued by the Publication Department of OIKOYMENH at the Institute of Philosophy. The long-term aim of the cooperation of both organizations is to increase gradually the share of the jointly published books under the OIKOYMENH brand. The titles issued within the mentioned cooperation are available in this internet shop. The titles of the society, which is the majority so far, can be purchased at the website www.oikoymenh.cz. Unfortunately, because of technical and accounting difficulties, it is not yet possible to order titles from both institutions together.